Transform your potential through negotiation

Overcome common preconceived notions about negotiation and gain the confidence, competency, and empathy to turn challenges into opportunities no matter your professional role.

Course start: July 1  |  Price: $2,550

6 Weeks

In less than 2 months, build a strong foundation to become a successful negotiator.


Learn through realistic mock negotiations, giving you practical negotiating experience.

100% Online

Flexible coursework allows you to build your confidence and skill from anywhere.

A course designed to make you rethink negotiation

No matter your industry or professional role, there are opportunities to utilize negotiation skills more effectively.

This professional certificate is ideal for:

Visionary Entrepreneurs

Business owners negotiate often, navigating contractor agreements and partnerships. Learn how to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement while developing the interpersonal skills to broach difficult news and preserve trust.

Ambitious Business Leaders

As a current or aspiring business leader, you may find yourself negotiating from multiple perspectives. Learn how to deftly navigate establishing mutually beneficial contracts and relationships through collaborative conversations.

Driven Employed Professionals

For many professionals, negotiating new hire benefits, salaries, and pay raises can be a source of difficulty. Gain the skills to confidently approach negotiating a pay raise, your contractual benefits, and more.

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Learning outcomes

Our course encapsulates comprehensive negotiation techniques across six critical areas:

  • Negotiation fundamentals:

Lean how to recognize opportunities for negotiation and manage the components involved.

  • Strategic preparation:

Plan your goals with precision and confidence.

  • Distributive negotiation:

Develop ways to gain leverage and manage power dynamics.

  • Integrative negotiation:

Explore innovative, win-win solutions.

  • Job and salary negotiations:

Examine the intricacies of employment negotiations.

  • Every day negotiations:

Learn when and how to use negotiation principles in everyday life.

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Meet your instructor

Carolyn Goerner


“Negotiation is an integral part of what we do at work every day. Understanding the give and take of negotiation is a core skill for effective leadership.”

Dr. Carolyn Goerner has taught negotiation for over 30 years, coaching hundreds of people through challenging interactions. In addition, her eight courses on LinkedIn Learning, covering topics like Overcoming Impostor Syndrome and Empathy at Work, have reached more than 975,000 learners worldwide. 

In her 25 years on the faculty at Indiana University she has received multiple teaching awards, including the Trustees’ Teaching Award, the Kelley Direct Excellence in Teaching Award, and the Innovative Teaching Award. Her research on mentoring and group dynamics has been published in leading journals.

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It's time - secure your seat today and begin to change the way you negotiate. Transform challenges into opportunities and make a definitive impact in your professional and personal life.

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